Book at Bedtime

In order to promote the enjoyment of reading and story- telling, the children engaged in a ‘Book at Bedtime’ which was organised by the Home School Liaison teacher, Ms. Vahey. The children chose two books per week which  allowed them to sit down with their families at home and enjoy a story. It was a great success and all of the girls received a certificate to celebrate their reading.

Hedgehog Visit


Christ the King Junior Girls school got a very special visit from a few hedgehogs and their owner this week. The girls experienced what it’s like to touch the spines of a hedgehog as well as learning a variety of interesting facts about the hedgehog for example what it likes to eat, where it lives and many more! Have a look at some of the photos…

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1st Class: Jolly Grammar Homework

We wanted to let you know about an extra free Jolly Grammar resource you may wish to use at home.

If you go to and click on “Week 10” for this week, and then “games”, you will see a selection of activities you might like to have your daughter try out, featuring this week’s spelling words.

There is an option to become a paying member of the site but it is not an essential requirement as there are many free games to choose from.