1st Class: Jolly Grammar Homework

We wanted to let you know about an extra free Jolly Grammar resource you may wish to use at home.

If you go to https://www.spellingcity.com/users/JollyGrammar and click on “Week 10” for this week, and then “games”, you will see a selection of activities you might like to have your daughter try out, featuring this week’s spelling words.

There is an option to become a paying member of the site but it is not an essential requirement as there are many free games to choose from.

Crazy Hat Walk 2017

Today we celebrated our School Mass to mark the start of the new school year.

Afterwards, we held our annual Crazy Hat Walk which was not only great fun of the pupils, but an important fundraiser for the school. We would like to thank everybody who sponsored our pupils, and we would also like to thank our pupils and their families for the effort they put into making wonderful hats!  We appreciate your support.

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News Note

We would like to formally welcome Ms. Fisher and and Ms. Rahman to our school team.  We would also like to introduce Ms. Rahman as the official Deputy Principal of the school.


The Junior Infants started ballet this week. The girls were so excited to put on their ballet skirts and ballet pumps. In the session, the girls learned how to walk like a ballerina and performed to ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. Have a look at the photos….

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Irish Sign Language Week

In order to mark Irish Sign Language Week, the Junior Infants learned how to sign a number of phrases such as ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’ and ‘I love you’. One of the pupils was able to spell her name through sign language! The girls enjoyed practicing the different phrases with each other in class!