“Mighty Mouth” Programme in Senior Infants

Senior infants have been learning how to care for their teeth. We have discovered what foods we can avoid, in order to help stop the ‘acid monster’ in his tracks. We also understand what foods can help keep our teeth healthy for the tooth fairy. At our Aistear stations, we enjoyed dramatising a visit to the dentist. Naomi from the might mouth programme heard about how well we were taking care of our teeth. She awarded us with certificates and we gave her a rendition of the winning smile rap.


New Parents Meeting.

We are looking forward to welcoming the parents of our new Junior Infants to the school next week.  If your daughter is enrolled to start in our school in September, but you haven’t received your text message with details of the meeting, please contact the school immediately on (01) 8680115.

Book at Bedtime

In order to promote the enjoyment of reading and story- telling, the children engaged in a ‘Book at Bedtime’ which was organised by the Home School Liaison teacher, Ms. Vahey. The children chose two books per week which  allowed them to sit down with their families at home and enjoy a story. It was a great success and all of the girls received a certificate to celebrate their reading.